The Overwatch 2 developers have revealed a lot of information about the franchise’s newest game mode and some of the upcoming maps arriving with the beta later in April.

As the Overwatch 2 beta fast approaches and will be live on April 26, the game’s developers are preparing players for what to expect when they get their hands on the long-awaited sequel.

Aside from hero reworks, gameplay changes and a brand new character available from the start, Overwatch 2 will be introducing a completely new mode in the form of Push.

Designed to be a tug-of-war of sorts between opposing teams trying to move a robot closer toward the enemy’s spawn, Push will give players a much different experience than other modes before it.


Overwatch 2 devs explain new game mode and maps

In a post on the official Overwatch website, Game Director Aaron Keller and Art Director Dion Rogers delved into the new mode and upcoming maps: New Queen Street, Colosseo, Midtown and Circuit Royal.

According to Keller, Push will be a much faster game mode compared to Control and Escort, and it sounds players should expect a much more deathmatch feel to it.

“[It’s] a little more porous, meaning it’s easier for flanking. You need to watch multiple locations,” he said.

Additionally, while Push maps are symmetrical, players will still be able to notice some subtle differences regardless of the side they’re on.

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“We wanted to make subtle changes, like one half of the map having cooler tones and the opposite side being warmer. You will notice that the signs, storefronts, and aesthetics are unique to each side,” Rogers explained.

Furthermore, the team wants to add visual cues to enhance gameplay, as seen in other modes and maps. “We want to highlight the capture point by making them iconic locations, like the fire house and Grand Central Station in Midtown. Players learn visually where the important parts of the map are located, and the world guides the game mode,” Rogers added.

Overwatch devs confirm new map cover and day-night cycle

In addition to the new maps, existing ones will be getting a makeover with some brand new cover added to compensate for having one less tank available in 5v5 gameplay.

Plus, the developers confirmed a day-night cycle to certain maps which will actually change how easy it is to detect foes.

“Another example includes the new daytime and nighttime cycles that make certain areas easier or more difficult to see, and it gives an overall different vibe to each map,” they state, referencing the design philosophy.

This had previously been hinted at in the menu screens for the Anniversary Remix event, but now we have confirmation that old maps will feel a lot more new.

The maps and modes will be ever-evolving too, with the devs promising to closely monitor how players engage and make changes accordingly, so expect some upgrades to be made depending on the results of the beta.

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