• Game name: I only level up alone

  • Genre Name: Action (Mobile)

  • Service / Developer: Net marble / Net marble Neo

  • Yo: ‘I only level up alone’ is a stylish action game that utilizes the original webtoon IP. ‘I only level up alone’, which is the first demonstration version in G-Star, can be experienced at the A02 booth in the BEX CO Exhibition Hall 1 BTC.


Global cumulative views recorded 14.2 billion won, and ‘I only level up alone’, which has become a popular webtoon not only in Korea but also in global, has been reborn as a game. Net marble Neo’s stylish action RPG ‘I’m alone Level: Arise’ is the main character. Despite this popularity of webtoons, it was true that I didn’t expect much at first. It was only a normal mobile game using the popular cartoons or webtoon IPs.

It was not much different when Net marble unveiled at NTP (NOTABLE TOGETHER with Press), which publishes its major new works. The gorgeous directing was obviously eye-catching, but I guessed that it would be only a directing. At the time, I thought it was a gorgeous collection of RPGs. The ‘Lahore’ held a demonstration in G-Star this year to welcome visitors. Perhaps I’m not the only gamer who thinks about ‘Na hon Rep’. What was the ‘Na hon Rep’ that I actually met? I would like to tell you a candid feeling about him from now on whether it was a game with a brilliant directing.

The demonstration of ‘Na hon Level’, which supports PC and mobile cross platforms, is a PC version. The first impression is that I can talk about graphics or UI first. First, this part was not noticeable. In other words, even though it was a PC version, it was close to the mobile UI.

The screen was divided into half, and the main mode of the game was located on one side, and the main characters of the main character, and on the other side, story mode, hunter mode, and time attack mode. In the mobile version, it can be said that it will be at a glance, but in the PC version feels that the composition and placement of the screen is too mobile, this part is considered to be improved later.

The first thing that caught the eye was the graphics. Compared to the latest mobile games that were well-known with cartoon rendering graphics, it was not inferior. This is not the only. It was ‘Nabob’, which is proud of its quality, but there is one more thing to note about graphics.

That’s how the original webtoon and the game have narrowed. In the case of games with original works such as cartoons and webtoons, it is one of the important points of how well the visuals and characteristics of the original are implemented in the game. In that sense, ‘Na hon Rep’ can be implemented better than this.

Not only is it faithful to the artwork of the original webtoon, but also various systems and brilliant actions. In the story mode based on the narrative of the webtoon, some cuts of the original webtoon are implemented as a spine 2D animation, while making it naturally connected to in-gameplay, giving it a feeling of watching the webtoon just by enjoying the game.

In general, stylish action is used to enter a command. However, this method has the disadvantage that it is difficult to implement properly in mobile. That’s why mobile games have implemented them in different ways. By entering the skill button, not a command. The same is true for ‘Na hon Rep’. It is the key to create your own skill combos by combining five types of skills in general, core, ATE, Young, and Ultimate skills.

In addition to the five skills, you can’t miss the rune as an element that makes the stylish action of ‘Na hon Rep’ deeper. The style is completely different depending on what runes you have in the same skill. For example, if you put a whirlwind rash rune on the core skill, you can rotate while rotating, and you can get a quick hit. This changes.

The important thing is that it doesn’t just end with the property and the attack power. Depending on which runes you install, the action itself changes, so it throws something you want to think about when studying the combo. Even if a rune with a similar attack value is different, the action is different and the properties are different, so that’s a need to find the best combination.

This is not the end of the combo element that is responsible for the stylish action of ‘Nabob’. There is another element that makes combo. This is the shadow corps and hunter colleagues who can be said to be the identity of Sung Jin-woo, the hero of ‘Handover’. The original webtoon was actually Sung Jin-woo’s solo stage. It’s called Munchkin. Song Jin-woo was alone to lead the strongest shadow legion and solve everything. Of course, there were the main characters. In the original webtoon, they have a missing weight at some point.

Of course, even if you are a colleague, it is not used in such a way to fight with shoulders. Rather, it’s a short time to summon a short time hunter and use it to link the combo. In short, there is one more skill. Summons Hunter in the middle of the combo to fill the empty space of the combo. This doesn’t mean you can use it like a skill. Summoning Hunter seemed to be used in the way that the cooldown was quite long, so it was used to destroy certain patterns of the boss or use it when an extreme deal was needed.

The shadow legion is also not much different from the Hunter. Summon it for a short time and add it. On the other hand, the demonstration version was confirmed that these shadow corps were obtained through the story, not by charging. In story mode, I was able to proceed with the boss battle with Grit, the mascot of the shadow legion and the first name.

If you look at it, you may think that way. Just pressing the combo at that time. You may also wonder if there is a part that can feel the fun of hand and control. Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about that. Because I didn’t miss the control.

This part can be explained in two types of evasion and guard/counterattack. Evasion just before the enemy’s attack will be caused by extreme avoidance and extreme construction. In short, it’s a slow motion. If you use extreme construction, the short time movement will slow down, allowing you to put the so-called extreme deal. The same is true for guards/counterattacks. If you write properly with the timing of the enemy’s attack, you can fight a powerful counterattack.

Time Attack Mode is a mode that maximizes the fun of studying such combo. As long as it competes with other users in more than 10 seconds, as little as 1 second, as well as the control skills, the combination of the hunter and the shadow corps, even the combination of the hunter and the shadow corps, and even the extreme construction. I needed to grasp the pattern.

Hunter Mode is a mode that clears the gate by forming a party with Hunters except Sung Jin-woo. In the original webtoon, Hunters were the hunters who had disappeared as Song Jin-woo grew up, but in ‘Nabob’, they played their own role. King Task, Lee Juice, Kim Chub, Back Poncho, LIM Taegu, and CIA Hardin are selected by four of the most popular hunters of the original webtoons. It gave me different fun.

Meanwhile, ‘Na hon Rep’ officially supported the controller, but the operation itself was not bad. As it was a demonstration version, it has not yet supported vibration, and in terms of UX, I had to choose the mouse with the mouse and open the window, but except for this, the parts related to the battle were well-equipped. If the vibration will be properly in the future and the UX is fully supported, the PC version would like to enjoy it as a controller rather than a keyboard mouse combination.

To conclude this demonstration version, I think it was a satisfying first meeting in many ways. The original webtoon was rebuilt as a stylish action game. It was comparable to the mobile stylish action games that have been a hot topic for years. At least it’s a stylish action game that’s no flaw.

There is a saying that the beginning is half. In that sense, ‘Nabob’ has made a good start. I don’t know how much left until the official launch, but it’s a ‘Nabob’, which has been highly completely complete, from action systems to story mode, so I hope you will meet in the future.